breast feeding

Only breast milk is the best baby food and drinks for the primary six months. It is vital to bottle-feed for four months and continue breastfeeding until the baby is one year previous and on. The baby's six months is that the best time to administer him or her additional food ready in hygienical conditions.

Consult a counselor to advise you on once and the way to introduce extra foods to your kid Vegetarian diets ought to be created of a mixture of the subsequent food groups: - whole grains, whole grains, vegetables and fruits, fat and sugar (moderately). Feed every meal for many days in an exceedingly row before adding any new food.

Do not let the baby sleep as a bottle of milk remains within the mouth, to avoid dental caries and damage. Babies WHO area unit solely breastfed don't get sick fairly often, and after they get sick, the sting of the illness slows down and recovers early as a result of the first yellow milk contains several immune cells.

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