Diet is recommended for diabetic patients

Note that a diabetic does not need to eat a special diet but is advised to consider the following: It is important to follow the principles of proper diet (refer to the first module) as well as: . Eating a full meal (at least 3 times a day) based on your scheduled time as it is not advisable to stay hungry for longer. This will help the patient to control his blood sugar and diet as he is very hungry and can increase the amount of food he eats.

Controlling the amount of energy - nutrition in food. The amount depends on individual needs. Identify the source of energy - nutrition in the patient's diet and discuss ways to reduce it.
Increasing intake of cereal-rich foods. High amounts of energy - nutrition in the diet come from starchy foods - foods that are mostly dissolved and absorbed by the body (simple vis complex carbohydrates), and thus the rate of increase in sugar in the blood decreases.

Reduce the amount of fat. Avoid animal fats and reduce the number of other fats. Fats should contribute 35 percent of the energy - needed nutrition per day. Identify the source of fat in the patient's diet and discuss ways to reduce it.

Planning a meal plan and medication use. For a patient taking insulin or oral hypoglycaemic agents, it is important to plan a special diet and take medication to prevent blood sugar levels dropping. Avoid long periods of time without eating food

Lose weight if you are overweight or lose weight. It is important to have a recommended weight based on its height. Discuss various weight loss techniques
Eat a variety of foods, change even those that are in the same food group. The nutrients in different foods vary in quantity and quality

Avoid drinking alcohol. It is also not advisable to drink strong alcohol as it can cause damage to the liver. Do not drink alcohol before eating food as it can cause high blood pressure
Avoid sugar and foods high in sugar like soda, cakes, cookies, sweets, and honey. 80% of honey contains sugar. Eat plenty of vegetables in every meal.

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